360 Hands

Scott Pellegrom
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"The unconventional and conceptual way to study hand technique."

Perfect for someone who is looking to learn to play drums and percussion. Yet, the video lesson is full of timeless tactics and concepts for musicians at any level.

Unlock your creativity starting with your hands.

Scott Pellegrom tells us his secrets to faster hands with less effort. As well as revealing to us his greatest teacher.

8+ exercises with thousands of variations.

How to avoid forearm pains, carpal tunnel, and tendonitis.

This video covers his technique for brushes, mallets, and other tools (including carrots... yes the vegetable).

Expand your musicality through conventional and unconventional tools.

He gives you exercises on how to develop speed and flow without drums, instruments, sticks, and mallets.

4 lessons 1 video.

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37 minutes
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